Monday, May 24, 2010

Summary - Week Ending 5/23/2010

So another week has passed and I thought I would note what I bought and what I have accomplished sewing-wise this week.

First I was re-bitten by the cross stitch bug last weekend while on vacation.  I took a WIP I dug up with us and worked on it in the truck on the way and on the way back plus some in the hotel.  And now that we are back home, Mitch (hubby), Logan (oldest son) and I have been watching Lost Season 1 through Netflix so I often stitch at night while watching that.  I  made great progress on my Federal Duck Stamp (Canvasbacks) this week and we have finished Season 1 of Lost and started Season 2.  No pictures at the moment.

I also did some sewing this week.  I spent a couple of hours working on baby items for sale in my etsy shop on Thursday afternoon and worked some more on Friday and Saturday.  I still need to get started on the teacher gifts and work on my sister-in-law's baby shower gift as well.

The big news is I got a new sewing machine on Saturday - I got it for $10 at a yard sale.  It's in a cabinet and it's older and metal and has a knee pedal like my mom's beloved Kenmore I sewed with years ago before someone tossed it into the yard after our house was flooded (that is another rant entirely).  I tried it out on Saturday and really like it.  It seems to do a lot and I will post pictures later in the week - haven't had time to download them yet.  It is a Dial Sew and I can't remember the model number now.  But I feel it was a steal for $10.  I won't get rid of my Brother or my serger, but it's nice to have my own sewing table in the dining room and it folds out to plenty of room for my cutting mat and other necessities.  I figure I can close it and set my Brother or my serger on it when I need to use them.

I spent a lot of time blog-hopping this week for the Sew, Mama, Sew's giveaway day.  What fun it was to enter giveaway and even more fun to find more wonderful blogs to read and be inspired by.  It's you, other bloggers that keep me inspired and wanting to sew more.

I bought some fabric from an etsy seller I found while blog hopping this week - hopefully it will come before I leave work today and I'll post pictures and more information next week.

On the children front:  School is winding down and that meant EOG's for oldest son.  He did fine, I'm sure, we talked to him about not stressing about it and it turns out he did a little the first day, then when he started the tests he said they were easy.  Whew - that was a load off of my mind.  Youngest spent most of the week wearing his rain boots to school - he's 5 and wearing these adorable green boots with eyes and mouth on them with shorts -  yes he's his own person and amazingly enough they didn't wear blisters on his legs like I thought they would.  T-Ball has also finished as of Saturday - Jacob seemed to enjoy it and he did great - by the end of the season he was really in to it, he loved hitting the most but fielding was fun too.

So that's my weekly summary.  I'm leaving work in just a little while to head out-of-town for DH's pre-op for Lasik or PRK (or RPK, I can't remember the initials).  We're hoping he gets scheduled for surgery tomorrow and then we can just stay up there tonight.  I have to work from the motel some (deadlines) but I'm thinking of dragging my sewing machine and some projects to work on, but I'm not sure I'll fool with it - cross stitch would be a lot easier to bring.

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Hey Crystal, you won my blog giveaway. Send me an email with your address and I will mail you the handbag.

  2. I love knee pedals..I get such better control with them. My machines of choice are my old Elna Supermatic and an old Bernina 500, they both have the knee control. I have an old Singer 301 that I love for machine quilting, but it only has a foot control.

    (I don't have the talent to make clothes, etc, nor the patience. I only make quilts, tablerunner, and the occasional tote bag.)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Now I'm off to check out your reading blog. (I love this one, it's got a terrific look!)