Monday, May 10, 2010

Just Wondering . . .

Why is it that all during the day at work I dream about what I want to work on sewing-wise that evening?  I read blogs during breaks and get all this inspiration and ideas and add to my google documents with your wonderful tutorials and patterns I buy from etsy and then when I get home, I sit on my butt and play computer games after all the evening necessities are done (supper, kids prepped for next day, baths, clean up, etc.).  I can't blame my kids.  They are 5 and 9 and pretty easy going.  The 5-year-old needs something every once and awhile, but the 9-year-old gladly helps me out with that.  Hubby is easy-going too - he often cooks supper or we work together on it and will help with the kids gladly.  In fact he and the older son have taken to watching movies (and the youngest, Jacob is invited with appropriate movies) in the evening so I am really free for whatever.

But I just don't.  I sit in the living room with my laptop, playing a game and listening to whatever movie the boys are watching (currently on a western kick, but we all watched Back to the Future the other night - funny to think that movie is 25-years-old).

So what can I do.  I work full-time and have just a few hours a night free before I have to get some sleep to start it all over the next day.  I guess the best thing is, don't sit down in my chair - set up my sewing machine right after supper (I sew on the dining room table) and get to work.  I'll have to try it, but sometimes the motivation I had at noon is not still around at 8pm.

Something that may help is Hubby built me a wonderful shelf for Mother's Day to put my fabric out on.  First off I need to make a curtain for the front and fill it full of my fabric that is now in storage totes.  Hopefully just having the fabric out and organized where I can see it will inspire me in the evenings.

We'll see.

The Miche Purse covers I made for my mom were a big success but I forgot to take pictures of them.  I was going to post them for Made By Me Monday, and I forgot.  I think I have a picture of mom holding her purse with one of them on it, but I'll have to check and see.  She loves them and wants more :)

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