Monday, May 17, 2010

Back from vacation

I just spent three wonderful days with my three favorite boys in Williamsburg, Virginia.  We finally got to take a family vacation with our tax return this year and my hubby and I enjoy the Williamsburg area and the fact that it's only about 4 hours away from home (well with 2 adults it is, add in the two boys that have to go to the bathroom at random times and it's a little longer).

We all had a blast, we went to the Jamestown Settlement, played miniature golf, went back to Jamestown, shopped some, went to Bass Pro Shops, played in the indoor pool at the hotel and went to the Maritime Museum.  Add to that lots and lots of great food.  Mitch and I couldn't wait to eat at Red, Hot and Blue again but weren't sure if the kids would like it.  Turns out it is now both of the boys (one is 5 and the other is 9) all-time favorite restaurant (beating out our local mexican place and McDonalds).  They have a great kids meal and the kicker is they give a pack of Oreos for dessert - nothing pleases my boys' more than Oreos. 

So it all went well - there were ups and downs and the fast food we went to get wasn't exactly fast, but all-in-all a wonderful time. 

I even got to sneak away for about 30 minutes to the Hancocks in Williamsburg (only about 1 mile from the hotel) and bought a bunch of remnants which are great for the various small things I like to make and a couple of packs of magnetic snaps and a hemming tool - it's one of those ruler like things that you can press over and helps make the hems more even and I really need that.  I spent my mother's day money there and enjoyed it.  I never did check if there were other fabric shops in the area, but the vacation wasn't about me - it was about the kids so I was glad to have the 30 minutes I did have and I got some really cute fabrics.  I'll post some pictures later this week.

For now I will leave you with my absolute favorite picture from the whole trip, and no this was not posed.  We were leaving Jamestown when it closed on Friday night and the boys were walking in front of us and Jacob (the youngest) just walked up to Logan and put his arm around  him and instead of pushing him away, Logan put his arm around Jacob too.  Thankfully I had  my camera on my wrist and was able to quickly snap a picture before they started pushing each other again.  But is this not the most precious picture (all mom's of more than one child or anyone that has a sibling will understand - I was an only child so I never understood until I had two kids).


  1. Vacation sounds lovely. The photo of the boys is absolutely precious!
    BTW--you won the giveaway on my blog. Shoot me an email with your address so I can get it in the mail to you. --lifeinpinkhitops [at] gmail [dot] com

  2. Hi - That sounds like so much fun! I want to go there! I'm from NC too - but the other side in the mountains...