Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Shelves are Done!

My wonderful sweetie husband finished up my shelves last night.  Even though he had been on a class field trip with our oldest and seems to be getting the cold/sinus infection I had last week, he put the finishing touches on it and I helped him move it into our laundry room, which doubles as my sewing storage.

I was really tired last night but I still started going through my fabric.

What fun - I found things I forgot about.  I emptied 4 storage totes onto my shelf and still have some room.  I also need to do some straightening and told Mitch that what it looked like is not final, that I want to clean it up and make it organized, because right now it's an organized mess.  I kept storage totes for quilting projects and scraps and larger scraps to be used for gifty items.  So I didn't quite get as much on the shelves as I hoped. 

I have a shelf for fleece/outdoors fabrics (meaning hunting items for DH and boys), a shelf for knits (even though I have yet to sew knits), a shelf for wovens and the top shelf is obvious fall/winter fabrics.  I'm thinking about getting out my larger pieces of crafting/quilting cottons and storing them on the shelf instead of the fall/winter fabrics, but then again, fall/winter sewing is just around the corner and having them out will inspire me,

First thing first though - the laundry room needs curtains for the window and I also want to put a curtain down the front of my shelves too, just for the extra protection.  I think I found a piece of fabric last night that will be perfect for the front of the shelf.  I received a bunch of fabric from my husband's step-mother's mom when she cleaned out her sewing room.  I think it was a sheet sewn into a curtain and it will be perfect to cover the shelves and protect from the sun.  So that's first and I need to finish sewing up all the baby items I cut out on Friday to put in my etsy shop.  And it's time to sew some clothing again too, so I will have to decide what to do, but it's easier now, I just walk into the room, look on my shelves and see what inspires me.  I guess I need to organize my patterns too, but I'll get to that eventually.

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